Though unworthy, God gave all, to rescue me from the fall,
By his grace and will I stand, awaiting peace in Beulah land,
There a home prepared for me, where his glory I shall see,
No more this life and earth to roam, at long last welcomed home,
Loved ones stand, arms opened wide, together forever we will abide,
In my Father’s radiant love, songs of angels from above,
On my knees before my king, with the hosts, his praises sing,
No more heartaches, no more pain, to live is Christ, to die is gain.


Angel tears

God has blessed me with the ability to put the thoughts of my heart into words. I for so long have kept that gift silent. I believed myself to be unworthy to articulate in any fashion what I felt. I have just recently come to understand that every good and perfect gift comes from God and if it is used to glorify the giver rather than the receiver then it is selfish and irresponsible not to share it. So with that let me offer this :
The Angel’s Tears
The star shown bright on that first Christmas night,
All angels in heaven sang their hymns with delight.
A message they bring for all that will hear,
An anthem of love, peace, and good cheer.
A child was born with good news for all,
The gift of life for those who answer his call.
One little angel with hope in its heart,
Watched o’er the child from the very start,
Keeping vigil while he grew to be a man,
As he glorified his father throughout the land.
Until one mournful day when he hung up on the cross,
Giving his life to save the world from loss.
One little angel rolled the stone away,
To receive a risen savior on that wondrous day.
One little angel viewed the world in sin and strfe,
Refusing the gift for which his Lord gave his life.
One little angel watched as lost souls began to die,
One little angel with a tear in its eye.
B.Vaughn (2014)

Sometimes things happen, and I don’t understand why, I bow my head before heaven, with labored tears I cry,
I know dear Lord you told me, you’d not give more than I can bear, but this burden that I carry, sure seems like I’m headed there,
I need your love, I need your strength, I need your peace of mind, I have searched within myself and only remnants can I find,
Beyond my understanding, beyond this pain I feel, I put my trust in you sweet Lord as my wounded heart you heal.

There comes a point in a man’s life when he surveys the impact that he has had thus far. That point for me came some time ago, and I weighed myself in the balance and was found wanting.
By the grace of God I had the opportunity to make great changes in myself, and although that change was difficult and slow, I have never regretted making those changes and look forward with great anticipation to making further changes in the future.
It is my belief that our lives consists of a series of changes, some are for the better, some are not, but through wisdom we learn, or at least should learn to separate the wheat from the chaff and discard those things that are unprofitable to our prosperity.
To my friends who have remained faithful to me through the years in spite of the wrong decisions that I have made and the pain I have caused, I say thank you, I owe you a great deal of gratitude.
To my children, who have endured the worst years of my life, I offer to you my humble apologies, and I purpose in my heart to be a much better father at the end of my life than I was at the beginning of yours.
To my God, everything that is good and decent in my life has been by your hand, and I pray that you will continue to mold me that I may mend the broken places in me and become a good and faithful servant.
It is not always that a man must enter the Winter of his life to gain wisdom and understanding, only the few hard headed such as myself.


I sat atop a slight little hill and cast my eyes o’er the silent and still,
As the sun began to set, what I beheld I will not soon forget,
No artists canvas nor poets line could capture the beauty that was mine,
In awesome splendor with infinite hue, softly, God painted a miraculous view,
Although this sight was breathtaking to me, it pales in comparison to what heaven must be,
I bowed my head, my heart full of love, thanksgiving I gave to my Father above,
I thought as daylight began to fade, surveying the wonder his hands had made,
How insignificant I presumed myself to be, yet he created this beauty for me.


Things happen for a reason, we may be clueless at the time, those old friends we haven’t seen in ages suddenly appear without reason or rhyme,
We do not imagine there is a purpose, we accept it as by chance, as though the music that before was silent, inspires us once more to dance,
Ponder this for a moment, let it permeate your soul, not one heartbeat or breath taken is beyond God’s control,
He has a plan for each one of us, and lovingly prepares the way, we can let him lead in to the future, or be held back by yesterday,
Give in to his guidance, let foolish notions go, on bended knee seek his wisdom, his will then we may know.


Oh heart, why do you hurt so, why do your arrows sting, when all I seek is happiness, why sadness do you bring,
While a smile adorns my face, within is tumultuous pain, when sun desires to shine, why must you bring the rain,
Tears of loneliness, tears of regret, tears with remorseful tones, tears of past and present with compassionate moans,
In every life a little rain must fall, I understand it all too well, beneath the realm of heaven, life can be such hell,
Though my eye is on the prize, the allure of the sweet by and by, the constant agony of now and now causes my soul to cry,
I will not give up, I will not give in, I refuse to live in distress, through all that seems so hopeless I search for tenderness,
Here I am, here am I, in the midst of oceans of wrong, keeping my head above water, though the current is so strong,
Flailing about in a sea of doubt, one constant remains secure, only by the grace of an omnipotent God can this survivor endure.